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First and foremost, AlexSandra “Sandy Lynn” Lett is a Southern woman who balances her country girl values with her “citified” education and experience.

She grew up near Lett’s Landing on the Cape Fear River, the site in North Carolina where her ancestors from Ireland arrived 257 years ago. She is a native of Buckhorn community, located in the middle of Nowhere about 12 long miles from a Somewhere called Sanford and 4 miles from a no-stoplight town known as Broadway, “pert-near’ 40 miles from Raleigh, the state capital.

The author — called “Sandy Lynn” when she was a creative, spontaneous wild child who did not live up to what was expected of a traditional Southern girl -- grew up writing, singing, and dramatizing. She took a fancy to the written word at an early age and relished being editor of her high school newspaper.

When she attended college it was only 35 miles away, but 35 years ahead of her rural environment in terms of openness to new ideas and different lifestyles. She received a distinguished journalism scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she graduated from in 1976. She worked with several publications and later pursued graduate studies at N.C. State University in Raleigh.

Due to a serious illness in 1973 AlexSandra studied various aspects of non-mainstream approaches to healing body, mind and spirit and became an expert on preventative medicine. For several years she wrote a weekly newspaper column called Natural Living, which led to many speaking engagements. In 1984 she wrote a book Natural Living: From Stress to Rest and continues to endorse holistic healing.

From 1988 to 1990 AlexSandra worked for a statewide television network, the University of North Carolina Center for Public Television, an affiliate of Public Broadcasting Company, in Chapel Hill and Research Triangle Park.

In 1991 she parlayed her various experiences with newspapers, magazines and television to start a business, ALL Communications in Raleigh, which offered writing, editing, marketing, and public relations services. While working with a client, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, she wrote several books on Raleigh and the Research Triangle area. During this time AlexSandra promoted several prestigious clients, including Dr. Deepak Chopra, J Anita Roddick, Barbara Hemphill, and cookie giant Famous (Wally) Amos.

As president of ALL Communications from 1991 to 1998 AlexSandra L. Left focused on promoting clients.

As a thriving entrepreneur she wrote a monthly column, Blueprint for Success, for a business publication.

In 1992 AlexSandra created TRANSFORMATIONS as the vehicle for offering presentations to groups ranging from health conferences to business organizations. Topics focused on creating success, releasing stress, increasing energy, and enhancing communication.

A series of challenges served as a wake-up call and evoked a major reassessment that led AlexSandra to transform her life. While redefining her career and life she wrote about her experiences and epiphanies in a journal, and an idea for a book evolved. Eventually she released all professional activities, and in 1998, left her spacious house in suburbia and retreated to a small cabin in the woods, situated on a large body of water she later named Paradise Pond. She was determined to honor the deepest desire of her heart:  to write books.

The result was a manuscript titled Going Crazy...Getting Sane, An Awakening at Paradise Pond, a book about outer revolution and inner revelation, about discovery and recovery. Due to the recommendations of a literary agent, AlexSandra is currently rewriting this true story as a novel.

In spring 2000 AlexSandra started writing a weekly column in a newspaper located in Wilmington, NC. The first installment of “Lett It All Hang Out,” called Set a Spell at Grandpa’s Country Store, was met with rave reviews from readers and led to numerous other articles. Today she writes a nostalgia column Lett’s Set a Spell and articles for various publications and websites.

The popularity of this column led to the publication of a book titled A Timeless Place, Lett’s Set a Spell at the Country Store in November 2000. In seeking her unique voice as a writer and her power as a person AlexSandra has come to understand the strength in honoring one’s roots. In this book she guides readers to an awakening about the true meaning of home and family.

Through her company Southern Books & Talks AlexSandra publishes books and presents programs on a variety of Timeless Topics. As a writer and as a speaker AlexSandra’s intention is to express her creativity and to help others discover passion and purpose in their work and meaning in every aspect of their lives. She also offers consulting to clients on various aspects of life purpose, publishing, and communications.

At Paradise Pond AlexSandra experiences an awakening and discovers a new voice as a writer.

For more information about services offered, contact:

AlexSandra “Sandy Lynn” Lett
Southern Books & Talks
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