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Timeless Talks

For about 20 years AlexSandra Lett has spoken to audiences about many timeless topics -- ranging from decreasing stress and increasing energy to enhancing communications and creating success.

As owner of Southern Books & Talks AlexSandra presents entertaning and inspirational programs that soften the heart and speak to the soul. With a naturally Southern accent -- and sometimes with the dramatics of her insightful alter-ego “Sandy Lynn” — AlexSandra shares thought-provoking stories from her childhood and career about succeeding in life and business. Drawing upon wit and wisdom she inspires audiences to discover what their priorities are and offers insights on how people can live their deepest dreams. She helps participants to see the potential of their talents whether working for a company or pursuing entrepreneurial interests.

Today she is focusing on telling humorous tales from her book, A Timeless Place, Lett’s Set a Spell at the Country Store, to many different groups, including civic clubs, professional organizations, women’s luncheons, schools, and churches. She also designs unique programs for a wide variety of clients and diverse groups.

Here are descriptions of AlexSandra’s most popular programs. Click on programs to the right to learn more.

Life’s Lessons

Set a Spell at the Country Store

Going Crazy... Getting Sane
Doing What You Love and Making Money Too
Publishing and Promoting

From Stress to Success

Major Credit Cards Accepted

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